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David Drucker


Painted Faces is the solo recording project of artist/musician David Drucker of Brookyn, New York, born in Miami, Florida.   Live, Painted Faces consists of Drucker and whoever else he happens to have playing with him that night or for that tour (often just himself or one or other person if not a full band).  The live band at various points has included members of Philospiders, Amplifier Worshipper, King Ghost, The March Fourth, Alien Trilogy, Robot Death Kites, Heavy Medicine Hammock and too many more to name.  He has been recording at home in living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms since his youth and has played and still plays in many other bands (including experimental sound terrorists Fleetwood Mac Book and the psychedelic duo Cyclical Elements with David Pretto of Rochester).
   He writes and records all the music for Painted Faces on his own often using borrowed equipment and whatever he has laying around in terms of instruments and percussion.  He has no specific “sound” for it is constantly changing and evolving, just like his songs themselves.  Everything and anything are influences though he must give credit to a long history of DIY home recording pioneers and experimental composers as well as second rate pop stars, freaky outsiders, B-Horror movies, art both “high” and “low”, mind altering substances, psychedelia, sounds, boredom, isolation, snacks, conversations, chemicals, loudness, noise, environments, dreams, revolutions, time travel, memories, insanity, humor, science fiction, nature, surrealism, philosophy, literature, films, observations, things and people in general (and obviously weed).
   Real Life Horror Stories Part II(2013) is the 9th self released album by Painted Faces and it is getting a limited cassette/cd-r run on Cookies N’ Cream Records, home to his last four releases.  He’s currently playing around New York sometimes solo, sometimes as a duo and most commonly with a revolving collective of musicians (culled from different bands).  PF has toured throughout the south and up the East Coast with King Ghost and Corpse Calypso.  As of this writing, he’s planning a west coast summer tour and split release with fellow weirdo Harry Cloud of LA.
 “A while ago I received a package containing three CD-R’s with hand-made packaging from a Brooklyn, NY citizen David Drucker and his solo Painted Faces project. Three CD-R’s filled to the brim with post-everything outsider experimentalism, ranging from bursts of cold, guitar-based noise to bucolic psychedelic folk improvisations and a shit ton of guitar effects, reverbs, delays, overdubs and whatever else was going through this dude’s head when recording those albums. The closest point of reference in my previous posts would be the work of Bob Bucko Jr, but damn, David Drucker is just so much weirder. Raw, true, densely layered and just impossible to pigeonhole. Channeling the spirits of the original Dadaists and Butthole Surfers. Recommended!  – Weed Temple
“Outsider musician, former Tallahassean and freak folk enthusiast David Drucker presents his 7th release as Painted Faces after having relocated to Brooklyn.  It’s called Tangleweird.  There’s a lot of bizarre noises, and some of them are guitars.  Somewhere there is a person singing.  At times, drums happen.  A sound is born.  Then an amplifier dies.”-  WVFS, Tallahassee
“Drucker’s iconoclastic compositional nature insures that even the most salty audiophile will be taken for a ride every so often.”
-Michael Amason, artist/musician
“Painted Faces makes experimental music, of a pretty fantastical and outlandish sort…a whole range of experimental music appears, from slow droning to avant-garde art-rock complete with guitar riffs and crazy vocals. I’ve found the variety and the uniqueness to be quite endearing, especially if repeated listening is undertaken.”- Space Rock Mountain
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